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Dr. Nashon Walker is a force of nature and his story has brought hope to millions around the world. Gifted by God with extraordinary creative ability and wisdom beyond his years, Dr. Walker has committed his life to empowering the next generation of leaders.  

As a child, Dr. Walker experienced the chaos of Philadelphia’s street scene. He grew up with drug-addicted parents, lived with his grandmother and became a father figure for his four younger siblings. By the time Dr. Walker reached high school, he had fully surrendered to a life of crime, lawlessness and irresponsibility, following in the footsteps of those around him. 

At age 19, Dr. Walker faced the hardest season of his life when he was incarcerated on felony charges that carried a maximum mandatory sentence of 85 years. One would think the amount of potential jail time was his primary concern, but it was his biological father, who at the time was his co-defendant, that was the center of his focus. Faced with illiteracy and with little outside support, Dr. Walker's odds of overcoming this tragedy were seemingly impossible. It was at this moment in his life that faith in God became a reality, and Dr. wAlker began to educate himself with the assistance of the Holy Spirit through daily dictionary and Bible readings. Dr. Walker began to teach himself new words and started to practice their use in the form of poetry and songwriting. Little did Dr. Walker know that this was the start of his communication and music career. Dr. Walker wrote poems and songs every day to help his literacy and to communicate the deep pain, hurt and more importantly the new joy he was experiencing in his new found gifting and life in Christ. 



Dr. walker became known as a poet, songwriter and rapper in prison and at the church he attended after being released from prison. Dr. Walker was released from prison after his father pleaded with the courts to let Dr. Walker go and his father took all weight on himself. “I am forever grateful to God and my father for coming to my rescue," says Dr. Walker. Among other things, one full year after Dr. Walker’s release from prison he returned to Philadelphia and rescued his mother from a 28 year drug addiction. 

Today, dr. Walker's mother has completed a women’s recovery program, has been clean for over 10 years, graduated from college with honors, and now works as one of the lead counselors for the same women’s recovery program that she completed 10 years ago. Many women have been impacted, changed and set free as a result of Dr. Walker's mother’s wisdom and personal testimony of transformation. 

From that point, Dr. wAlker set out to be somebody of significance who could bring change to people’s lives regardless of his past or present situation. Dr. Walker went on to achieve amazing things.  He didn’t just beat the odds, he surpassed them. Not only did he graduate from college with two degrees, but he was accepted to one of the most prestigious international college business institutes in America.  Students from Azusa Pacific University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Chicago and Wheaton College also participated in the International Business Institute.



While a part of the program, Dr. Walker traveled to over 12 different countries studying global economics, finance and management. In addition, Dr. Walker performed corporate analyses for companies such as Nokia, NestLé, Mercedes-Benz, Swiss Bank, John Deere, Electrolux and many others, during his time with the business institute. Following college graduation, Dr. Walker entered the corporate world. Dr. Walker became the youngest executive to reach the highest sales consulting position with the largest privately-held telecommunications company in the country. In addition, Dr. Walker has fulfilled a life-long dream and became a celebrated college business instructor, teaching courses including Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Management Information System. 

After a very successful corporate executive career in telecommunications, dr. Walker started a youth transformation movement that embodies his deep love for music & gift of communication—'HoodRISE MUSIC'. HoodRISE MUSIC, is a music & entertainment movement committed to lifting and empowering youth and urban culture through a new sound of music.  HoodRISE MUSIC MOVEMENT also offers youth mentorship training services for leaders and merchandise with a messages. 

On April 15, 2014, at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Walker was honored by Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers at Large for the Republic of Burundi, Dr. Rivers with the GOLDEN RULE INTERNATIONAL AWARD for his work with at-risk youth from all over the world over the past 12 years. The following year, Dr. Walker was honored by Dr. Rivers with an honorary Doctorate Degree in Music with an emphasis on Arts & Worship. 

These are just a few of many highlights of Nashon’s life since being released from prison. As you can see, his life is nothing short of a miracle. He has made it his sole mission in life to bring hope to the hopeless; to show others that if he can do it, so can they. His story is like so many others of this generation...but the outcome is profoundly unique.  Because of his experiences, he is able to relate to the toughest of inner city youth to the top CEOs of major corporations. No matter whom the audience, Nashon has a timeless message of HOPE to bring to this generation and generations to come.


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The Movement

Since 2002, Dr. Nashon Walker has been on a mission to transform the lives of disenfranchised and impoverished youth all over the world.