Dr. Nashon Walker and The HoodRISE Staff Host HoodRISE Day At Camp Curtin Academy in Harrisburg, PA

    Dr. Nashon Walker and the HoodRISE Academy staff hosted 'HoodRISE Day' at Camp Curtin Academy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Dr. Walker performed some of his encouraging, life giving, motivating, positive, transforming, uplifting music for the students of CCA. Dr. Walker also shared his transforming testimony with the students of CCA. 

    Some of the HoodRISE Academy staff members were able to encourage, motivate, speak life to and uplift the students of CCA, as well as share their testimonies.

    The students of CCA were then able to face off with HoodRISE staff members and fellow students in a dance battle, with HoodRISE gear up for grabs. This was a hard fought dance battle that brought a lot of energy and joy to the day, and the well deserved winners earned HoodRISE gear.

    Thank you Camp Curtin Academy for giving Dr. Walker and the HoodRISE Academy staff the opportunity to speak and perform our music with your students, it was an amazing experience!