Dr. Nashon Walker and The HoodRISE Academy Staff Take Students to Promise Ranch in McAlisterville, PA

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    Founder of HoodRISE Global Inc.; Dr. Nashon Walker, and the HoodRISE Academy staff took the students of HoodRISE Academy to Promise Ranch, in McAlisterville, Pennsylvania to experience a culture outside of the norm.

    The staff at Promise Ranch had many activities planned out for both the boys and the girls when we arrived. The girls had the opportunity to get their makeup done and were told they were beautiful with and without makeup on. They also got to brush and pet goats, horses, and sheep and then they were able to ride horses.

    The boys had the opportunity to learn how to prep a fishing pole with fishing line, a fishing bobber, a fishing hook, and bait. They also got to go on a hike through the woods. Then they learned how to cook hot dogs over a fire and roast marshmallows for s'mores. Next they did a scavenger hunt around the ranch as a team building activity. After that they played Ga-ga ball which is a variant of dodgeball that is played in a ga-ga pit. The boys also were able to ride horses at the end of the day.

    The students were greatly impacted by this experience and they all had a great time! All of the students experienced and participated in activities that they have never heard of or done before. The students stepped out of their comfort zones and really immersed themselves in the culture while at the ranch.

    Big thanks to the staff at Promise Ranch and all of the volunteers that made this experience possible for the students of HoodRISE Academy! We look forward to bringing the students back soon and we know the students look forward to it as well!