Dr. Nashon Walker Launches HoodRISE Academy in public schools

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    HoodRISE Academy, Inc. provides alternative education and program solutions that give students an economic and social reality more powerful than the street gang culture. With the current youth climate being heavily entranced in street gang ideology students are being drawn away from sound social and economic practices more than ever.  

    HoodRISE Academy, Inc. exists to bridge that gap and provide learning solutions that facilitate youth transformation and student achievement through our 7 C’s Success Tools. Our 7 C’s Success Tools are the skill sets & attributes that tomorrow’s leader must possess to compete in the 21st century marketplace.  

    We implement our HoodRISE “5 Pillars of Behavioral Change, Chief Mentorship Model, 7 C’s Success Tools, Identity Formation Methodology and S.T.E.A.M. education through a PBL (Project Based Learning) activity approach to facilitate youth transformation and student achievement.

    We partner with schools & organizations in order to provide their students with a unique learning and behavioral change experience. We aim to use students natural affinity for music, arts, leadership & technology to help facilitate the development of our 7 C's Success Tools:

          1. Confidence

          2. Character

          3. Communication

          4. Creativity

          5. Collaboration

          6. Critical Thinking

          7. Care  

    Our approach helps students to formulate a new way of thinking that will be most beneficial to their academic, social and professional success. Furthermore laying a foundation for students to draw from as they grow into productive citizens of society.